On the eve of the presidential elections, Moldova is facing a parliamentary crisis

The long-suffering coalition of socialists with the Democratic Party is coming to an end, which could herald early parliamentary elections.

Pavel Filip, the head of the PDM, announced in a briefing that Democrats are discussing leaving the ruling coalition. He also emphasised that the party intends to concentrate on its work in parliament and the government, which is why it refused to nominate its presidential candidate.

“The biggest problem of today’s politicians is insincerity towards voters and sometimes towards members of their own parties”, –  said Filip.

The Coalition of the Party of Socialists with Democrats was formed after the legislature announced a vote of no confidence in the Maya Sand government. Barely becoming prime minister, it tried, bypassing parliament, to give itself the right to nominate candidates for the post of prosecutor general. Deputies opposed it, the government was dissolved and Sandu and her pro-Western bloc ACUM withdrew from the coalition with the socialists.

When the PSRM merged with the PDM to form a new cabinet, some Democrats left the party to form the Pro Moldova parliamentary group. It received funding from Vladimir Plahotniuc, a fugitive corrupt man who had previously headed the PDM. Pro Moldova set itself the goal of destroying the new ruling coalition by offering the Democrats a generous reward for leaving the party.

Against this background, the prospect of early parliamentary elections was becoming increasingly real, although on 1 November Moldova will elect a president. Only for the Democratic Party, the scenario with the dissolution of the parliament could become a verdict. Its chances of going to the legislature are extremely slim. That is why Filip emphasized the previous day that the PDM did not want early elections.

“In general, politicians, from the point of view of responsibility, should not allow early elections, as it would mean a disaster for Moldova”, –  he said.