The expert spoke about how Trump became between Ukraine and the EU

When the Kiev leadership became more drawn to the official US administration, i.e. Donald Trump, Europe placed its bets on Democrat Joe Biden.

Bone Bondarenko, a Ukrainian political scientist, spoke about it.

He stressed that today there are obvious discrepancies between Brussels and Washington.

“We see how Merkel openly stakes on Biden, not Trump. And accordingly, in conditions when the Ukrainian administration is more and more on the side of the official White House, is more and more on the side of Trump, it is not necessary to say that the European Union is delighted with the actions of Ukraine”,  – complains the expert.

According to him, this very factor could have been the reason that the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrel, humiliated Vladimir Zelensky. During his visit to Kiev, the Brussels diplomat told the President of Ukraine that Europe is not an ATM and does not intend to constantly sponsor Kiev.


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