The EU has officially notified London of its breach of the Brexit agreement

Шt is noted that the UK Home Market Bill is inconsistent with the terms of the transaction. As the head of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, said at a press conference in Brussels on Thursday, it has to do with the UK’s domestic market bill, which contradicts the terms of the deal.

“As you know, we have called on the UK to eliminate the violations in the bill by the end of September. The Bill went along the same lines yesterday and the breaches have not been remedied. So the European Commission decided to send a formal notification, which is the first step in the remediation process”, –  she said and stressed that London has one month to respond.

According to the head of the EC, the UK has “breached its obligation to act in good faith as set out in Article 5 of the EU Withdrawal Agreement” with this bill.

“The United Kingdom must submit its response by the end of this month in the form of an official notification. After considering this response or if there is no response, the Commission may, if necessary, decide to give a reasoned conclusion”, –  she added.

A source in the EU explained to the TASS reporter that in practice this means that if London does not eliminate Brussels’ claims, the EU will sue the UK in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, which could result in heavy fines being imposed on the Kingdom. However, this could take years.