Merkel advocated the peaceful resolution of differences over the Eastern Mediterranean

The Chancellor of Germany said that “a constructive relationship must be developed” and that “NATO partners need each other”.

The European Union is interested in a constructive relationship with Turkey, despite the differences on Eastern Mediterranean issues, the conflict must be resolved peacefully. This was announced on Thursday in Brussels by German Chancellor Angela Merkel upon arrival at the EU summit.

According to her, the European Union wants to achieve a “peaceful solution” to the dispute between Turkey and Cyprus and Greece. “I will point out that our relationship with Turkey is complex”, –  she said. – “For all the difficulties, we need to develop constructive relations. “We are NATO partners and we need each other”, –  added Merkel.

The situation in the Eastern Mediterranean escalated again this summer following Turkey’s decision to resume offshore hydrocarbon exploration in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, in the waters that Turkey is challenging from Greece and Cyprus.