At the peak of combat readiness, the Russian troops were analysed in Britain

The power of the Russian Armed Forces is now greater than ever since the end of the Cold War.

This is stated in the report “Russian Armed Forces Modernisation: An Assessment”, which was presented by the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

According to analysts, years of investment in the defence industry and military reforms have not been in vain for the Russian army. Now it is well equipped and prepared for battle, which has already been demonstrated in Syria.

“Today the Russian armed forces are a powerful military tool that Moscow is ready to use or threaten to use”, –  the report says.

At the same time, British experts claim that the modernization of the Russian Armed Forces began after “defeat in the short war with Georgia. We are talking about the 2008 events, when Russia prevented Georgian aggression in South Ossetia.

Today, Russia does indeed have at its disposal a unique weapon that the US is only developing, with varying success.

“The current generation of Russian gunsmiths is worthily continuing the work of their predecessors, producing truly unique weapons that today outperform foreign analogues, and in some cases our weapons have no analogues, in some characteristics it is quite obvious”, –  said Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

However, it should be noted that the report of the International Institute for Strategic Studies is not at all an acknowledgement of Russian achievements in the defence sector. Similar reports are published with a certain frequency in the West, the purpose of which is to inflate the situation and increase spending in the interests of military corporations.