IAEA inspectors visited the second disputed site in Iran

Agency inspectors visited the first site on 4 September.

A delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visited the second disputed site in Iran, where the Agency suspected the storage of undeclared nuclear material. This was reported by Reuters on Wednesday, citing a report from the IAEA.

“As part of its agreement with Iran to resolve issues relating to security assurances of IAEA-specified nuclear facilities, the agency this week received additional access to a second facility in the country where it took samples from environmental facilities”, –  the document says.

Inspectors from the agency visited the first site on 4 September. It is not specified which of these facilities.

Earlier the IAEA said in a joint statement with Iran that as a result of Rafael Grossi’s visit to Tehran, both sides settled the issue of access to the two disputed sites and agreed on dates for inspections. In addition, the IAEA assured that it has no further questions or requests to Iran for access to the other sites.