France protested against COVID-19 measures

In Paris, restaurateurs protested against possible closure.

Protests against the tightening of government measures to combat the spread of coronavirus took place on 27 September and in Paris. On this day, owners of restaurants, bars and discos gathered in the city centre to express outrage at the fact that from Monday 28 September, restaurants that do not serve alcohol will have to close at 22.00 in 11 major cities.
Many restaurant owners are afraid that it is only a matter of time before they close down completely. “We do not understand why, from the government’s point of view, people in the underground are safer than in our restaurants,” said a representative of the restaurateur association “We will stay open”. “We also do not understand why staying in a restaurant until 21:59 is safe and from 22:01 it is fatal,” he added.
According to Johns Hopkins University in the early morning of 28 September, the total number of coronavirus infections in France since the start of the pandemic is 552,473. 31 675 people in the country have died of the diagnosis of COVID-19.