Biden accused Trump of refusing to criticize Russia

During the reign of the current US president, his opponent says that the United States “has become weaker and poorer”.

US Democrat presidential candidate Joseph Biden accused American leader Donald Trump of trying to avoid criticism of Russia and repeated the already refuted speculations about Russia’s readiness to pay monetary rewards to the militants in Afghanistan for attacks on Western coalition soldiers.

“Under this president, we have become weaker, poorer, more divided, more violent”, –  said Biden on Tuesday at the first TV debate with the current White House head at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

“As for the fact that we have become weaker. The fact is that I faced [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and made it clear to him that we will not tolerate anything from him, , – says the Democrat candidate who previously served as Vice President of the United States.

“He is Putin’s dog. He still refuses to even say anything to Putin about the awards for American soldiers’ heads”, –  said Biden, talking about Trump.