Zelensky continues to lead Ukraine to the EU, although no one is waiting for her there

The President of Ukraine notes that Ukraine’s course to the European Union is even more relevant now than before.

As Censor.no reports with reference to the press service of the Office of the President, during a videoconference with members of the European Parliament, Zelensky thanked them for their consistent support of the European Parliament in promoting the ambitious Ukraine-EU agenda, as well as for the firm position of the European Union legislature on the restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“Taking into account the challenges that exist today and the unchanging course towards Europe, the European Union is even more relevant for Ukraine than before. Today the support of the European Union is very important for Ukraine”, –  he added.

The videoconference was attended by deputies representing different political groups in the European Parliament, in particular Michael Galler (Germany), Petras Auschtriavicius (Lithuania), Niklas Herbst (Germany), Fredrik Ros (Belgium), Elżbieta Lukachevska (Poland) and Volodzimierz Tsimoszewicz (Poland).

It should be noted that Ukraine’s accession to the EU is not, has not and will not be in any foreseeable future. On the other hand, having planted Ukraine with a credit needle, European structures have actually established a colonial regime in the country. But it seems that the comic president will not understand this.