The expert explained why Europe will not save Ukraine from the “cold and hungry” winter

The so-called European solidarity is limited to supporting Ukraine just as long as it is necessary so that the country’s long-suffering economy does not collapse, harming the authority of its Western “partners.”

Economist Alexander Goncharov told about this.

According to him, unfortunately for Ukraine, the European Union will not save its markets, which are rapidly sinking. Based on this, Ukraine has two possible options for the development of events.

The first option is a further collapse of production, an increase in unemployment and further impoverishment of the population. As previously reported by News Front, Ukrainians are already massively selling foreign currency, which they had set aside for a rainy day. In September alone, people sold $ 113 million to banks.

The second option is default. With difficulty, but Ukraine will be able to survive it, getting, however, on the lists of bankrupt states with which external creditors do not want to deal.

Despite such bleak prospects, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal and President Volodymyr Zelenskiy are making statements heralding “the victory of optimism over common sense.” Goncharov points out that the bad situation in Ukraine was earlier. Now she is very bad.

“Our families will at least survive the autumn. It doesn’t even make sense to look further. At the same time, neither the government, nor the presidential administration know how cold and hungry the winter will be, ” Goncharov stated.