Pompeo told how dangerous “Russian gas” is for Europe

The US Secretary of State tried once again to explain why gas from Russia is a bad thing. It turned out to be confusing and strange again.

According to the Tg Channel Pool N3, Mike Pompeo spoke in the spirit that using Russian gas would cost Europeans a great deal.

“President Trump’s policy for Europe as a whole is to strengthen its ability by diversifying the range of energy sources. And not to depend on Russia and Gazprom. This is not good, this is not safe. It creates risks and, frankly, it costs people more money to heat their homes and use other forms of energy. You can see what we tried to do in our counteraction to Nord Stream 2”, –  said the American Secretary of State.

It is worth noting that in an attempt to find at least some explanation for soya’s frank raiding position on Russian gas, the US is no longer ashamed to lie frankly. When Pompeo says that using gas from Gazprom will cost more, he “forgets” to say that American LNG costs many times more. And his arguments do not stand up to any criticism.