Migrant teenager arrives under truck trailer from Serbia to Poland

A 16-year-old teenager from Morocco arrived in Poland, hiding under a truck trailer. The young man got there while still in Serbia. Thus, in such conditions, he traveled about a thousand kilometers in two days. This is reported by Onet.pl.

Migrant teenager arrives under truck trailer from Serbia to Poland

Police in the Polish town of Radomsko detained the boy on the evening of September 27. He reportedly attracted public attention in one of the shops near the truck stop. He did not know Polish, spoke English poorly, and did not have any documents with him. In his words, he came from the North African state of Morocco.

“He said that he came to Poland, hiding under a semi-trailer of a truck in which he was hiding in Serbia. According to him, the trip lasted two days. As the boy was cold and complained of pain in his arms and legs, an ambulance was called to the site. The teenager was taken to a hospital in Radomsko, where a doctor examined his state of health and came to the conclusion that he did not need hospitalization, ” the Radomsko police department said.

Due to the fact that the teenager illegally crossed the border, police officers took steps to establish the identity and citizenship of the foreigner. They also establish how he crossed the border and where he intended to go. The illegal traveler will be sent from the police to the border post in Lodz, where the fate of the Moroccan will be decided.