Kiev and NATO decided to exchange secret documents online

Georgy Tolkachev, acting head of the Ukrainian mission to NATO, said that an electronic exchange of secret documents could be introduced between Kiev and the Alliance.

Kiev and NATO decided to exchange secret documents online

“Indeed, in connection with the epidemic and the restrictive measures introduced for this reason, it may seem that nothing is happening. In fact, this is not the case. Believe me, there is enough work. Currently, among a number of other projects that we are working on, I would like to highlight the introduction of electronic exchange of classified documents. This is a step without which we cannot see ourselves as members of NATO, ” he said.

Knowing the status of Kiev, this will not be an “exchange”, but rather a transfer of documents that NATO will demand of it.

In addition, Tolkachev for some reason believes that against this background Ukraine will suddenly bring its system to NATO standards and the level of trust in the special services will grow. Apparently, in order for something to work, Kiev needs motivation. True, it rarely works.