Ukraine’s monthly debt increased to $85.1 billion

Ukraine’s total public (direct and guaranteed) debt in August increased by 0.06%, or by $0.05 billion.

According to “Ukrainskie Novosti”, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance, at the end of August the state and publicly guaranteed debt amounted to 2,338.18 billion UAH, or 85.1 billion dollars against 2,355.08 billion UAH, or 85.05 billion dollars a month earlier.

“The total amount of direct public debt as of August 31 amounted to UAH 2,060.74 billion ($75 billion) against UAH 2,072.53 billion ($74.84 billion) a month earlier”, –  reads the report, – “At the same time, the direct external debt for the month increased from $43.12 billion to $43.53 billion.”

Thus, it can be clearly seen that Ukraine is sinking deeper and deeper into the debt hole, and Kiev simply has no opportunity to get out of it on its own.