Twitter has introduced censorship against RT and Sputnik

The Russia Today TV channel and the Sputnik agency are on a par with the News Front agency in the list of mass media, which the Twitter administration considers undesirable.

This was reported by RT’s press office after his account was removed from the social network search engine. Thus, people who have not yet subscribed to the official page of the channel will not be able to find it.

“We consider such restrictions by Twitter to be an act of media censorship, which is expressly prohibited by the Russian Constitution. The social network does not respond in any way to our requests and does not explain its decisions”, –  commented the RT press service. – “You will not find Voice of America or Radio Liberty with such a mark. On the other hand, Margarita Simonyan’s personal account is marked “State publication”. This is such equality and justice.”

As you know, at the beginning of September, the Twitter administration also imposed sanctions on News Front. The social network simply banned reference to our agency on the pretext that the link is supposedly malicious.


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