Putin held talks with the President of Moldova

Russian leader Vladimir Putin wished the head of Moldova Igor Dodon success in the presidential elections and expressed the hope that after them the development of relations between Moscow and Chisinau will continue.

On Monday, Putin held talks with Dodon via videoconference.

“I very much hope that after the presidential elections, which are to take place literally in a month – and, by the way, I want to wish you success in these elections – we will be able to continue the work you have begun to restore our interstate ties and develop them”, – noted the President of Russia, quoted by RIA Novosti.

Recent years have been difficult in Russian-Moldovan relations, Putin said.

“But thanks to your efforts, we have been improving these relations lately”, – the head of state stressed.

The presidential elections in Moldova are scheduled for November 1. Three candidates have now been officially registered, including the head of Our Party Renato Usatii and the chairman of the Dignity and Truth Platform party Andrei Nastase. Dodon also announced his desire to run, but the CEC has not yet approved him as a candidate.