Macron will leave a sad memory of himself

The support of French President Emmanuel Macron in his calls for President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to leave his post looks somewhat inappropriate.

Moreover, the “yellow vests” in France for two years not only oppose Macron’s socio-economic program, but also demand his resignation. Moreover, this is happening against the background of record low ratings of the French president.

Macron’s hypocritical concerns about the Belarusian people are dictated primarily by his extremely anti-Russian position, expressed by him the other day from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly. It is not the business of any foreign leader to demand that the head of this or that sovereign state renounce his powers. This condition can be set by the winners in the war. In addition, the newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche notes, French diplomacy only recognizes the legitimacy of states. France did not terminate relations with Belarus, therefore “it will be difficult to apply this legal principle to the Lukashenko case”, the newspaper writes.

The Belarusian president is now facing an important and responsible task. It must fulfill a historic mission and implement in practice the conceptual provisions of the Treaty on the Creation of the Union State, signed in Moscow on December 8, 1999. What Minsk is experiencing today, which is experiencing the strongest pressure from the trying to shake the situation in the West, the spearhead of which is Poland and Lithuania, is largely the consequences of the stalled integration between Belarus and Russia.

For Lukashenko, it would be irresponsible, under the influence of the street and foreign advisers, to drop the wheel, and there at least the grass would not grow. On the contrary, as a responsible statesman, he must, as soon as possible, ensure the real formation of the Union State, which will help to solve both the economic and political problems of Belarus. Otherwise, more and more attacks await the republic in order to plunge it into a state of “color revolution”.

We know very well how this turns out. In the case of Iraq, it was a military invasion, hundreds of thousands of deaths, religious and ethnic bloody extremism. In the case of Ukraine, it was chaos, a collapsed economy, civil war, and the loss of control over certain territories.

How the incumbent Belarusian president sees his personal fate is another question. He can either complete political activities or continue them in one format or another. But this will be his own decision, and not under pressure from Paris or any other capitals. In any case, this process should take place within the framework of the Constitution of Belarus and the normative legal acts of the Union State. As for France, it is connected with the Belarusians only by the unsuccessful invasion of Napoleon. Macron will also leave the same sad memory of himself.

Elena Panina