The way Biden is haunted by his career

Biden’s 45-year political career continues to haunt him. This is reported by the Telegram channel “Malek Dudakov. Author’s channel”.

Recently, another video with the former vice president was revealed: this time from 2016. Then Biden visited the American base in Southeast Asia and delivered a speech to the soldiers.

Biden called them “stupid bastards” and “slow dumb” – because the military did not clap him. This moment is similar to the famous incident of Jeb Bush, who asked him to applaud.

But Biden’s comment is also significant because it came three weeks after The Atlantic scandal, whose editor-in-chief accused Trump of insulting veterans. According to him, Trump, during a visit to France in 2018, called them “losers”.

There is still no confirmation of The Atlantic’s story. 21 diplomats from former and current Trump employees have denied the accusations of journalists. However, the editors of the magazine continue to persist and declare that their very secret and anonymous source of rights.

In the situation with Biden, we have a full-fledged video – and not messages of fictitious anonymous authors. The liberal press traditionally dismisses the scandal: they say, they are not interested in discussing it. Biden’s campaign assures that their candidate only made an awkward joke.

This is not the first incident with Biden’s past comments. Until a few months ago there was a transcript of the hearing in 1985, in which Biden uttered the “N-word” 13 times. This story was also not interesting for honest and objective journalists to discuss.

In the light of recent scandals, Democrats have again urged Biden to withdraw from the debate. He will have to defend his political heritage there, which will not be an easy task.

True, his headquarters claims that Biden has stopped leaving the house, because he is intensively preparing for the debate. It will be ugly if it merges at the last moment. Therefore, the likelihood of a debate on September 29 is still high.