Rallies continue in Tripoli with road closures and tire burning

In several districts of Tripoli, residents continue to take part in actions against the illegitimate Government of National Accord (GNA) of Libya.

According to FAN, residents of the Libyan capital are burning tires and blocking roads in protest against poor living conditions and regular power outages.

“At the rallies, citizens block the streets and burn tires. The demands of the civilian population remain the same as before: raise their standard of living and stop cutting off electricity in their homes. They are also unhappy with the fact that the local leadership is engaged in corruption and allocates money to support the bandits who defend their regime, and not for the benefit of the townspeople”, – the message says.

Demonstrations took place in Fashlum, Zawiyat ad-Dahmani, Bab bin Gashir districts, as well as in the village of al-Saadi.


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