Norway arms against Russia

trategists from Washington incite one more European country to the Russian Federation.

According to Telegram channel “Svarschiki”, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Norway Lars Djemble said that Oslo and Washington are negotiating to renew the agreement on cooperation in the field of defense.

“The first such agreement was concluded in 1950, as a result of which, during the Cold War, Norway received free of charge 300 fighters and 8,000 military vehicles. When it ended in 1996, the total cost of US arms assistance to Norway amounted to NOK 83 billion”, – the channel’s authors remind.

According to experts, Norway is consistently drawn into a conflict with Russia.

“First, the idiots advised the Norwegian government to toughen the national legislation on arch. Svalbard, after the expected reaction from Moscow about the inadmissibility of discrimination against countries conducting their legal activities in the archipelago, Oslo began to militarize its country and expand the kingdom’s participation in NATO provocations against Russia. That is, they created a pretext, received a reaction and then, referring to the reaction, they began to call for help”.

According to available data, it is the curators from the United States who lead the Norwegian authorities to such unpopular and harmful decisions for their country, from which the Norwegian people will suffer, and Washington will receive dividends.