Jihadists-“suicide bombers” can fight on the side of Azerbaijan

According to experts, Azerbaijan can use “suicide bombers” in the operation against Armenia.

As the Telegram channel “WarGonzo” writes, recently another batch of Syrian mercenaries from the pro-Turkish groups fighting in Idlib has arrived in Baku. Its number and place of deployment are currently being specified.

“According to sources in Istanbul, there are potential suicide bombers among the militants deployed to Azerbaijan. It is for them that the Azerbaijani security forces prepare the so-called “shahid-mobiles” filled with explosives”, – the authors of the channel write.

It is worth noting that such a tactic can create serious difficulties for the Armenian army. The Russian military, as well as PMC fighters, faced it in Syria and suffered losses after such actions. True, in the event of an Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict, the issue of motivation arises.

“Not every ‘jihadist’ is ready to undermine oneself on foreign soil and in the name of political goals. Now Turkish curators are trying to formulate a religious context for the use of radical (and in fact, terrorist) methods of waging war”, – experts say.