Europeans living in Britain will be deprived of the opportunity to receive treatment

At the end of the transition period, thousands of EU citizens residing in the United Kingdom may face problems due to authorities refusing to grant them biometric residence permits to prove their status.

This is reported by The Guardian.

The Europeans will have to independently confirm their status, each time making a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs when required. The procedure will require citizens to have a smartphone and reliable internet access. At the same time, the expert community warns that such a system can prevent people from getting jobs, housing and even treatment.

«A lot can go wrong – technological failures, people unable to navigate the digital system, and service providers who are unwilling to interact with it», – says community activist Mike Bon.

«We do not want a two-tier society to develop in the UK: citizens of the UK and non-EU countries who can prove their right to work and access to health care anytime, anywhere, simply by showing a physical card or passport, and EU citizens who cannot».