Ukraine does not rule out the recognition of Kosovo

For the sake of yet another deflection before the Western masters, the Kiev authorities are ready to actually “shoot themselves in the foot.”

Ukraine does not rule out the recognition of Kosovo

According to channel 112 Ukraine, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar announced the possible recognition of the state of Kosovo by official Kiev in the future.

“Traditionally, we were tuned in to the country’s territorial sovereignty. This is our principle. But for us there are no parallels between these two cases. This is because the case of Kosovo is one thing, and Crimea is another, ” Bodnar said.

According to him, Kosovo is a country recognized by a number of other states, and in the case of Crimea, we are talking about a territory that was forcibly seized by Russia.

Such diplomatic schizophrenia once again proves the absolute lack of independence of the Ukrainian government, and in fact the colonial status of Ukraine itself.