Media: six people were injured in a protest against quarantine in Madrid

Three demonstrators have been detained, reports Europa Press.

At least three people were detained and six others were injured on Thursday night during a protest in the Spanish capital against restrictive measures imposed by the government of the Autonomous Community of Madrid to restrain the coronavirus. This was reported by the Europa Press agency.

According to it, about 300 people have joined the demonstration. Soon, some protesters blocked the movement in the area of the regional parliament. As a result, the police had to use force to disperse the protesters. The victims included four law enforcement officers.

The protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the new measures to contain the coronavirus in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the region most affected by the epidemic. For example, on 21 September, restrictions on entry and exit from the 37 zones with the highest coronavirus prevalence rate began to apply in the Autonomous Community. It is expected that the authorities in Madrid will be able to extend the list of these zones already on Friday.

Since Coronavirus began to spread in Spain, more than 704,000 people have been identified as ill (210,700 of them in the Autonomous Community of Madrid), and more than 31,100 have died. In mid-March, a high alert regime was introduced in the country. This measure made it possible to limit the movement of the population. The regime came to an end on 21 June.