Failed to pass control tests – Russia deployed 20 tonnes of frozen herring back to Latvia

Once again, Latvian suppliers have attempted to bring products to Russia that violate veterinary legislation.

The incident took place at the “Burachki” border point in the Pskov region. There the border guards stopped a car with 20 tons of ice-cream herring. In the course of the inspection Rosselkhoznadzor inspectors detected a violation of veterinary legislation. The fact is that the cargo was in transit through Russia to Georgia, but the suppliers did not receive permission to transit through the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union. As a result, the border guards did not allow Latvian products to pass through, sending them back.

It should be noted that Latvian suppliers regularly try to bypass the norms established by Russian legislation when transporting food products. Last week, they wanted to bring 9 tonnes of Swiss cheese from Latvia into Russia in this way. As the Rosselkhoznadzor noted, the delivery of these products to the customs territory of the EAEC is prohibited.