Europe is already looking forward to the problems – the expert explained how Belarus has split the EU

Well aware of the consequences of the coup d’état in Ukraine, Western European countries are not too keen to complicate their lives at the expense of Belarus. At the same time, Lithuania and Poland are aggressively promoting the anti-Belarusian agenda in the EU.

On the eve, French President Emmanuelle Macron warned that a coup attempt in Belarus could provoke a rift line on the European continent. According to him, the Belarusian crisis must be resolved. He also called for avoiding further attempts to interfere in the internal policy of the republic.

This statement is due to the fact that Europe has not yet recovered from the Ukrainian Europaidan, says the head of the NGO “Center for Foreign Policy and Security Studies” Denis Bukonkin in an interview with the portal “Eurasia.Expert”.

“The situation in Ukraine has caused significant damage to relations between the European Union and Russia in particular. It has become a black hole, which absorbs large resources from the EU. To date, Europe has received nothing but problems from it, and Macron does not want another line to appear in the same region, which requires a new round of sanctions,” Bukonkin explains.

He noted that Russian-European cooperation has stabilised recently. Despite the sanctions, Russia is clearly adhering to its allied obligations. The Belarusian putsch could destroy this fragile stability by provoking an escalation of tensions with the largest energy supplier to the EU. Given these prospects, the position of the French President is quite logical, the expert believes. However, there are also lobbying countries for the coup d’état in the European Union. In particular, we are talking about Poland and Lithuania.

“Now they have a big advantage in this area. They play a key role in creating an anti-Belarusian agenda,” said Bukonkin.