Bloomberg told the tale of how Biden “scares” Russia

On the eve of the upcoming US elections, the American media are trying with all their might to create from Biden the image of a fighter against the Kremlin.

According to Bloomberg, Russia is so alarmed by the growing popularity of Joe Biden that if he wins in November, it is even ready to urgently hold early parliamentary elections, originally scheduled for autumn 2021.

American journalists are convinced that all this could happen because of the fear of new anti-Russian sanctions, which will inevitably be introduced if Biden comes to the White House.

“A Democratic victory could even lead the Kremlin to postpone the 2021 parliamentary elections (due in September) to next spring to deal with them before the new US authorities can impose sanctions and further complicate the life of Kremlin officials,” says agency, citing a source in the Kremlin.

True, Bloomberg is silent that even if the American electors cast their votes on the candidature of the Democrats, suffering from obvious senile dementia, Bayden, the White House will have to be submitted. And no sanctions can even purely theoretically affect the elections to the State Duma, which will undoubtedly be held strictly according to plan, in the fall of 2021.

Fantasizing further, storytellers from Bloomberg say that “the mere prospect of new Western sanctions against Russia has reduced the ruble to its lowest level since April.”

All this is just another fiction, and the change in the ruble exchange rate in foreign exchange auctions is associated with a possible second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, which could again result in a drop in global demand for oil and an additional burden on the Russian budget.

The American media are once again trying to pass off wishful thinking, not noticing the obvious – whoever comes to power in the White House, Washington’s policy towards Russia will remain invariably unfriendly. And the Kremlin is well aware of this, and therefore nothing unexpected can happen by definition.