Sweden increases defense spending

The kingdom can become the strongest state on the Scandinavian Peninsula again.

As the Telegram channel “Svarschiki” writes, the Minister of Finance of Sweden Magdalena Andersson said that her department is increasing allocations for the country’s defense from 58 to almost 90 billion kroons, that is, by 40%. Also, according to the budget bill, Swedish-Finnish defense cooperation with NATO country Norway will be strengthened next year, and this week the defense ministers of the three countries will meet in Porsanger Norway to discuss cooperation issues.

“By the way, at one time the main reason for Norway’s entry into NATO was the desire to defend itself against territorial claims from Sweden (and not from the USSR). The Swedes have not lost their imperial ambitions, which may sooner or later become a problem for Norway”, – the channel’s experts say.

According to the channel, Sweden’s aspiration to join NATO has the main goal – to exclude support for Norway from other states of the North Atlantic Alliance in the event of a military settlement of territorial disputes on the peninsula. As it happens between Greece and Turkey.


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