Senator Pushkov: quotas are the highest phase of modern Western liberalism

In the US, Time magazine has published a list of the most influential people in the world. Russian President Vladimir Putin was not included in it.

Alexey Pushkov commented on this fact in his Telegram channel.

“Every time the American media publishes a certain ‘list of leading’ or ‘most influential’, this list reflects not so much the reality as the ideological and political preferences of its authors or the circles behind them. Like the Nobel Peace Prize that Obama was given for idle chatter. All are different forms of propaganda of the values ​​dominating in the elite circles of the West. Plus quotas: so many Africans, so many African Americans, so many Asians, etc. Where can we go without quotas… Quotas are the highest phase of modern Western liberalism, at which it merges with the value and ideological dictatorship”, – he wrote.

By the way, the list includes Donald Trump and his competitor in the future elections, Joe Biden.