Same rake: Charlie Hebdo again receives threats for his new cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed

For French journalists, the right to scabbing jokes is probably more important than the instinct for self-preservation.

In an interview with Le Point, Marika Bret, head of HR at Charlie Hebdo, said that the French newspaper’s editorial staff had again begun to receive threats. In September, journalists decided to republish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

“Over the last five years, men and women in our country have been killed by different fanatics because of their origin or for their opinions. Journalists and cartoonists have been executed to stop writing and drawing freely”, –  the journalists wrote in an open letter to French citizens.

In January 2015, a French newspaper published a cartoon of the Muslim prophet Muhammad on the cover of the publication. The publication of the newspaper caused a storm of criticism and threats from the Muslim community. A week after the publication, two jihadi brothers, Said and Sheriff Quaashi, attacked the magazine’s editorial office in Paris. A total of 17 people were killed in the attack.

But the French apparently did not understand anything.