President of Moldova spoke about the priority points of cooperation with Russia

There are four issues on the agenda of Russian-Moldovan cooperation.

This was stated by the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon.

First of all, Chisinau is discussing the possibility of concluding a new agreement with Russia on a loan of 200 million euros. Dodon is confident that the agreement will be signed in the coming weeks, taking into account the arguments of the Moldovan pro-Western opposition, which through the courts blocked the previous agreement.

The second point is assistance to Moldovan farmers who suffered from the drought. According to Dodon, Russia can provide fuel or financial support.

“It would be more convenient for us if this aid came in monetary terms, because that way it is easier to transfer it to farmers. Because the fuel will be delivered to Moldova for now, while we will distribute it among all the farmers. It will take more time”, – the president said.

The third issue on the Russian-Moldovan agenda is the signing of an agreement on social assistance. This will allow Moldovans working in Russia to qualify for a pension when they return home.

“In Russia, the vaccine has already passed all stages. We are awaiting its approval by the WHO. We know that in Russia the vaccine is already widely used by the population. We really want the coronavirus vaccine, be it Russian, Chinese or American, to arrive in Moldova as soon as possible, because we need this vaccine to stop the pandemic”, – Dodon concluded.