New York Times: presidential race driving American terror sponsors into a dead end

Thousands of Yemeni civilians have been killed in massive bombardments by the United States and Washington is finding it increasingly difficult to justify such terrifying statistics.

This is what the American edition of The New York Times writes about.

When supplying Saudi Arabia with ammunition, officials from Donald Trump’s administration have often claimed that American instructors advise the Saudis to minimize civilian casualties. This is a questionable excuse as old people, women and even babies in Yemen continue to die in the hail of bombs.


According to analysts, since 2015, 13,500 civilians have been victims of targeted attacks, the vast majority of which were carried out by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia. The US has not stopped this. On the contrary, it has done everything possible to increase the number of innocent victims. Although the officials tried to hide the criminal acts carefully, the presidential race can play a cruel joke on them. The democrats are already spinning the scandal to hit Donald Trump a few weeks before the vote.

When U.S. officials claimed they were consulting Riyadh to rule out civilian casualties, the Saudis continued to fire on targets on the strike ban list, said Democrat Congressman Tom Malinowski.

“If you had taught me how to drive for five years and I kept hitting passers-by, kept crashing my car, would you also give me the keys every time? “- he said.

However, it was not in the Trump administration that such absurd excuses were invented. Throughout the history of American foreign policy, when allies were getting out of control, the United States argued that it was necessary to continue the relationship in order to reduce the damage. This was said to support the South Vietnamese government and Latin American dictatorships. However, the scale of the disaster in Yemen is too obvious. There is a growing risk that American officials could be accused of war crimes, but cooperation with Riyadh is only increasing.