In the second round, Dodon will defeat any candidate

The results of regular public opinion polls were published in Moldova.

According to the survey “Vox Populi – September 2020”, implemented by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers of Moldova, Igor Dodon has the greatest chances of winning in the second round of the presidential elections, regardless of who is his counter-candidate.

According to the study, if the current president and Maia Sandu go to the second round, then Igor Dodon will receive 54.2% of the votes of the determined voters, and 45.8% will vote for the PDS leader.

If Igor Dodon and Andrei Nastase meet in the second round, 61.6% of voters will vote for the current head of state, and 38.4% for the chairman of YES Platform.

In a duel with Renato Usaty Igor Dodon gains 57.2%, while the Mayor of Balti – 42.8%.

According to the same polls, Maia Sandu will be the most likely rival of the current president of Moldova.

So, if the elections were held next Sunday, then in the first round 41.6% of the determined respondents are ready to vote for the current president Igor Dodon, 26% will vote for Maya Sandu, Andrei Nastase is in third place with 9.1%, the mayor Balti Renato Usatii gains 9%, and the candidate of the Shor party Violeta Ivanov – 7.4%.


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