“Grateful” migrants destroyed the Orthodox Church in Greece

A group of immigrants from the Middle East outraged an Orthodox church, which provided them with temporary refuge on a Greek island.

According to the publication Rrotothema.gr, the refugees destroyed the Church of St. George on the island of Lesvos, which sheltered them during the large-scale fires at the Center for Reception and Identification of Migrants, and also outraged the icons.

“The publication published photographs from the scene, which show that the settlers have set up camp inside and outside the church – mattresses, garbage bags, empty water bottles are scattered everywhere, inside the church guests tore up icons”, – the Union of Orthodox Journalists said.

According to local authorities, several thousand migrants have now settled in Lesvos, for whom Lesvos has become a transit territory on the way from the Middle East to European countries in search of a better life. On September 8 and 9, two large-scale fires occurred in the camp, which forced migrants to seek shelter for the night before the authorities of the new camp were equipped.