Expert explains why the U.S. is deploying armored vehicles and Abrams to Lithuania

It is impossible to talk about de-escalation of tension when the United States is committing ostentatious military provocations near the borders of Russia.

This was stated by the head of the Center for Strategic Conjuncture Ivan Konovalov, commenting to the Sputnik agency on the Pentagon’s decision to send a battalion of 500 soldiers, 30 Bradley armored vehicles and 25 Abrams tanks to Lithuania.

The troops are expected to arrive in Lithuania in November, replacing the American forces already stationed there. Such a rotation, Konovalov notes, is a deliberate demonstration of force by the United States.

“How can tension be reduced if American battalions are marching literally near the borders of Russia and Belarus? Of course, there can be no question of any de-escalation of tension. This is done deliberately and with the aim of provocation, so that the very tension remains, so that Russia, which they regularly try to provoke, makes a mistake”, – the expert explained.