Zelensky urged the EU to clearly indicate the prospects for Ukraine’s European integration

Volodymyr Zelensky hopes that Brussels will announce to him a clear prospect of Ukraine’s membership in the European Union, although the process of European integration has already been terminated.

In an interview with the Slovak newspaper Hospodárske noviny, the President of Ukraine called the EU an important partner of his country. However, according to Zelensky, Ukrainians are counting on membership in the commonwealth.

“Ukraine wants full integration into the EU. We are a European country and we can give Europe a lot by working together. A lot on the European continent depends on the situation in Ukraine, so it would be logical if Ukraine became a full member of the European Union”, – Zelensky said.

His words sounded against the background of how the EU Ambassador to Ukraine Matti Maasikas announced the termination of European integration. According to him, the community decided to suspend the procedure for granting membership to Ukraine in connection with the current realities.

Now Brussels is ready to work to promote European standards in Ukraine in such areas as science, business and economics. At the same time, as Maasikas emphasizes, this will not bring Ukraine closer to joining the commonwealth, since it is not ready for expansion there.