Uneducated whites and as much as 90 minutes on his feet – 5 problems that Biden will face in the USA

Even the Democrats’ idea of ​​remote voting could turn against them in the November presidential elections.

This is stated in the material of The New York Times.

As noted in the media, there are at least five problems that 77-year-old US presidential candidate Joe Biden will inevitably face.

The first reason is Trump’s electoral base, which this year is showing much more activity than potential Biden voters. The publication emphasizes that we are talking about “uneducated whites”.

“Trump’s support base – whites with no college degrees – is more active and more determined to vote this year than key Democratic districts. And there is evidence that the polls do not reflect this”, – writes NYT.

The second reason is Hispanics, who, contrary to the expectations of the Democrats, did not support Biden in several important states, such as Arizona and Florida. The campaign headquarters of the Democrat miscalculated the campaign, because Latin American voters do not like to be defined as “people of color”.

The third reason is remote voting. Taking advantage of the spread of the coronavirus, the Democratic Party of the United States secured the elections by mail. The implication is that this method of voting will provide them with an incredible resource to rig the results in favor of their candidate. However, as it turned out, it is the Democratic voters who prefer to vote remotely. Thus, Republicans are much less likely to lose votes due to rejected or missing ballots.

The fourth reason is sociology. Polls show that the Democrats have declined 4 points since July.

The fifth reason is debate. While Biden is willing to vehemently deny his health concerns, his old age may play a trick on him in the upcoming debate. He will have to spend 90 minutes on his feet, while reflecting live on the tough attacks of Donald Trump.