Trump believes that Biden will destroy the USA with his energy programme

According to the American leader, the Democrat candidate Joseph Biden’s promise to demand zero hydrocarbon emissions means “there will be no more oil, gas or industry”.

US President Donald Trump believes that the energy programme of his rival Democratic candidate Joseph Biden in the upcoming elections will destroy the country.

“A few days ago, Biden once again recalled his promise that he would demand zero hydrocarbon emissions. It basically means that there will be no more oil, gas, industry – nothing,” Trump said on Tuesday in Pennsylvania during a speech that was broadcast by leading American TV channels. – There will be no more country. The head of the White House also rebuked Biden for transferring jobs from the US abroad while he was vice president.

In August, in a keynote speech at the national congress of the Democratic Party, Biden outlined his concept of ‘Build Back Better’. It includes measures to stimulate the economy, the creation of new jobs in mechanical engineering and the so-called clean energy industry, new programmes for young people, and the abolition of tax breaks for large businesses introduced by the Trump administration.

In mid-July, the Bloomberg Business News Agency reported that Biden aims to convert the US completely to clean energy by 2035, for which it proposes to attract $2 trillion in investment over four years.