The White House fired an employee who was criticised by Trump for her reduced performance

After she was fired, Olivia Troy argued that the US President had expressed “disregard for human life” in the context of the pandemic, because he cared more about the economy and re-election.

The White House fired Olivia Troy, an advisor to the Vice President of the United States, Michael Penns, who now criticizes the leadership of the American administration for reducing performance. This was reported at a briefing on Tuesday by Keith Kellogg, Assistant to the US Vice President for National Security.

Troy, who lost her job at the White House in August, has been working with the Office of the Second Person in charge of homeland security and counter-terrorism, as well as coordinating the Coronavirus Proliferation Working Group. After her dismissal, she claimed that President Donald Trump expressed “disregard for human life” in the context of the pandemic, as he cared more about the economy and re-election, and promised to support Trump’s rival Democratic Party presidential candidate Joseph Biden in the November elections.

“Olivia Troy worked for me and I fired her because her productivity [of work] was starting to drop”, –  said Kellogg. – “Troy was coordinating the group and organising meetings and her productivity was falling. I recommended to Pence that she quit.”

Kellogg also refuted Troy’s words.

“I was at every group meeting. This is an insinuation, an insult to the working group, the President and Vice President”, –  he said. The working group, he said, was able to make significant progress in the development of a coronavirus vaccine ‘which will work’. The Assistant then went on to detail the President’s actions in the fight against the pandemic.

White House lead and keynote speaker Kaylie McInani, spokeswoman for the briefing, argued that less than two months ago, Troy was proud to have joined the administration. According to Makenani, Troy constantly complained that she felt exhausted and depressed, organizing calls and meetings.


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