The US wants Europeans to pay for their Arctic adventure

The Pentagon does not have the resources to turn around in the Arctic. In particular, the US has serious problems with regional awareness.

American Admiral Paul Tsukunft spoke about this.

“We have serious problems with situational awareness, and they really start at high latitudes”, –  he admitted. – “When you go above latitude 72, it gets quite dark”.

Tsukunft has found a way out of the situation. As you know, NATO countries already have to give 2% of their GDP to militarization in the interests of the United States. The Admiral also proposes that Washington demand that its allies invest additional money in intelligence.

He emphasized that Russia and China can already expand their presence in the Arctic by taking advantage of the polar climate mitigation. However, the Pentagon cannot boast the same. Although the US is sending strategic bombers to the Arctic and conducting ostentatious maneuvers there, this is not enough to monitor the situation, the Admiral said.