The Head of the Pentagon has promised to strengthen Israel’s military superiority in the Middle East

According to Mark Esper, the U.S. will continue to “uphold Israel’s longstanding security priority”.

At a meeting with Israeli Defence Minister Beni Ganz, Pentagon Head Mark Esper promised to strengthen the security and military superiority of the Jewish state in the Middle East. This was announced on Tuesday evening by the press service of the American agency.

“Our partnership for generations has been built on shared values, interests and concerns”,  – Esper’s remarks. – “<…> The cornerstone of our military cooperation is the preservation of Israeli military superiority in the region. We will continue to support our long-standing priority to ensure Israel’s security.”

The Ministers discussed the signing of agreements to normalise Israeli relations with the UAE and Bahrain, which offer “a historic opportunity to strengthen regional security”.

During a short visit to Washington, D.C., Ganz also met with Mark Millie, Chairman of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff.


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