Russia does not start wars, but finishes them – Alexander Rogers, expert opinion

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin made a speech yesterday at the jubilee UN General Assembly. But before we discuss the speech itself, it is necessary to study in what international circumstances it was delivered and what the leaders of other countries said on the same day.

At the moment, the circumstances are as follows:

– Russia is accused (without the slightest evidence and with the British intelligence agent Pevchikh appearing in the case) of Navalny poisoning;

– in Belarus, with the participation of Poland and Lithuania, they are trying to carry out a pro-Western (and anti-Russian) coup d’etat;

– Turkey and Greece have a territorial dispute on the brink of a war over an oil-rich area of ​​the Mediterranean shelf;

– the trade war between the United States and China, which in two years did not lead to any reconciliation agreement;

– massive street riots in the United States and France;

– the upcoming US presidential elections against the backdrop of an unprecedented confrontation between the two main parties;

– ongoing military conflicts in Syria, Libya, Yemen and a number of Central African countries.

As for the leaders’ speeches:

– Trump has once again announced a confrontation with China;

– Xi Jingping said that the Chinese are a peaceful nation that does not want to fight with anyone – neither cold nor hot;

– Macron demanded “an explanation in the case of the poisoning of the oppositionist”.

And against the backdrop of all this, Putin comes out and says, “Guys, let’s live together!”

Not literally, of course, but the general meaning of his message was just that. Starting with the emphasis on the positive role of the UN in the peaceful settlement of various conflicts (he openly flattered them, the effectiveness of the United Nations in this regard, unfortunately, is extremely low). And ending with the statement of readiness to extend the START-3 treaty and the moratorium on the non-proliferation of short- and medium-range missiles – in case the US also does not distribute them.

The last caveat is extremely important, because the United States is obviously not going to do this, swinging and rattling rusty weapons with might and main.

I think that Vladimir Putin also understands this very well. And it was about them that his words about “baseness and crime before the ancestors” were said. The crime is to destroy the peace that was achieved in 1945 at such a high price.

But we must admit that the Americans are not ashamed. And their ancestors also planned to carry out Operation Unthinkable, and only the lightning defeat of the Kwantung grouping of Japan and the subsequent Kurchatov project ensured that the USSR / Russia had not been bombarded with nuclear bombs.

There is no need to harbor illusions – if not for the threat of guaranteed mutual destruction, the Americans would have bombed Russia long ago, killing tens of millions of people and turning a significant part of the territory into radioactive wastelands. And no considerations of humanism (which they are not familiar with at all) would not have stopped them.

However, Putin was simply obliged to observe the ritual part. The statement “do you even understand what you have done?” is already traditional in his communication with Western leaders, blinded by Western centrism and a thirst for plunder.

He even offered UN employees free vaccinations (which will inevitably cause additional hysteria among Russophobes).

Everything is correct. Russia always gives an opportunity to settle the matter peacefully. And when the West also traditionally does not take advantage of this opportunity, we will have moral impeccability and confidence in our righteousness (without which we cannot win).

Russia does not start wars. It finishes them.

Alexander Rogers, IA Zhurnalisticheskaya Pravda