Moscow imposes additional sanctions against the EU

The Russian government is expanding the package of sanctions against the European Union in response to the destructive actions of Brussels.

Such a statement on Wednesday, September 23, was made by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova.

“In response to the actions of the European Union, the Russian side made a decision to expand the list of representatives of the EU member states and institutions that are prohibited from entering the territory of the Russian Federation”, – she said.

The diplomat clarifies that the number of names on the Russian blacklist has been brought to par with the same list of the EU.

“Recently, the European Union has noted a number of unfriendly steps towards our country and Russian citizens”, – Zakharova noted.

“Acting, as before, bypassing existing international norms, the EU continues to expand its sanctions instruments and use them under a far-fetched, sometimes absurd pretext”.