Maduro supported Putin’s initiative to hold a conference on coronavirus vaccines

Venezuela joins the call to convene the UN General Assembly to discuss a vaccine against coronavirus, said the President of the Republic.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro supported Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s initiative to hold a high-level international online conference on the development of coronavirus vaccines. The politician said this on Tuesday, speaking on state television.

“The work of the United Nations General Assembly [UNGA] began today. In his magnificent speech, Vladimir Putin proposed holding a world congress, a UN world assembly to discuss vaccines for all humanity. I agree with President Putin’s proposal. And Venezuela joins the call to convene the General Assembly [of the United Nations] to discuss just one issue – Coronavirus vaccine, Coronavirus drugs”, –  Maduro said.

On 22 September, in a speech that was broadcast at the UNGA, Putin proposed “that a high-level online conference be held in the near future with the participation of states interested in cooperation on coronavirus vaccines.


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