Macron spoke about how Europe will pay for trying to overthrow Lukashenko

By intervening in the domestic politics of Belarus and supporting the putschists, the Western countries have triggered a crisis that could cost European states a great deal.

French President Emmanuelle Macron warned that a coup attempt in Belarus could provoke a rift line on the European continent.

“In the case of Belarus, there is a threat of a rift on the European continent,”, –  said the President, speaking at the UN General Assembly.

According to him, the Belarusian crisis must be resolved. He urged to avoid further attempts to interfere in the internal policy of the republic, assuring that “the Belarusian people support”.

The OSCE mediation will help get out of this situation, said Makron. He noted that he had expressed this position to Russian leader Vladimir Putin while discussing the attempted coup in Belarus.