France calls on Cyprus not to block EU sanctions on Belarus

France called on Cyprus to stop blocking EU sanctions on Belarus, linking them with sanctions against Turkey.

The foreign ministers of the EU countries were unable to agree on a sanctions list for Belarus. Restrictions have not yet been agreed due to the position of Cyprus, which is blocking the decision, insisting on the parallel introduction of similar measures on Turkey for conducting geological exploration in the Cyprus economic zone of the Mediterranean Sea. Now European leaders will consider the issue of sanctions during the September 24-25 summit.

“I clearly stated to my Cypriot colleagues, saying: “So, you should unblock the Belarusian sanctions, because I think that you are not doing yourself a favor by creating this relationship”, – said the French Secretary of State for European

According to the publication, European diplomats criticize Paris for supporting Cyprus, thus France allegedly encourages Cyprus to insist on a link between these sanctions. Bon said France is not pushing Cyprus to create such a relationship.

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron called on the EU to be tougher towards Ankara. He also added that this should only affect the Turkish government, but not the people. According to him, the Turkish population “deserves more than the Erdogan government”.

Earlier, the Turkish ship Oruç Reis began seismic surveys in the Eastern Mediterranean, an area that Greece considers its exclusive economic zone (EEZ). This caused tensions between Turkey and Greece. Also, the Turkish military department announced the holding of military exercises in the region, which caused a protest from Cyprus.