The USA uses Navalny poisoning as a reason for new sanctions

On command from Washington, NATO once again urged Russia to investigate the incident with Navalny.

In an interview with the German tabloid Bild, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that more facts are needed to impose sanctions against Russia because of the “poisoning” of opposition activist Alexei Navalny, supposedly with poison from the “Beginner” group.

“There is no reason to expect the U.S. not to react fairly to what may have happened once the facts are presented”, –  Pompeo said.

At the same time, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on Russia to conduct a transparent investigation into this alleged poisoning.

“We strongly condemned the Beginner attack against Alexei Navalny. I call on Russia to conduct a full and transparent investigation into this terrible attack. This is not just an attack on one person, it is an attack on fundamental democratic rights, it is also a serious violation of copyright, and the Arms Control Agreement – the Chemical Weapons Convention – is threatened by the Alliance’s Secretary General.”