Republika Srpska threatens to withdraw from Bosnia and Herzegovina if Kosovo is recognized

Members of the Presidium of BiH Bosniak and Croat Sefik Jaferovic and Zeljko Komsic voted last Thursday for the recognition of Kosovo’s independence, while Serbian member Milorad Dodik was against it.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić said that representatives of Bosniaks and Croats in the Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Presidency are acting directly against their interests by voting for the independence of the self-proclaimed Kosovo, as this removes arguments against the independence of Republika Srpska.

“They are working directly against themselves, wanting to recognize Kosovo, they are losing any argument with which someone could challenge Republika Srpska’s right to independence”, –  he said, –  “if you separate one province now, on what grounds will you ban one of the entities of BiH from declaring independence?”

Dacic pointed out that the vote on Kosovo’s independence followed after Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Melisa Haradinaj, sent a letter to the Foreign Minister of BiH on 8 September calling for the country to recognize Kosovo’s independence.