Moldova needs Russian peacekeepers

On the air of the Sputnik Moldova studio, political scientist, historian, Ph.D. Boris Shapovalov said that it is too early to think about the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria.

As writes the edition “Notebook”, according to the expert, it was the Russian peacekeeping mission for 28 years that ensured peace on the ground, where in the distant 1992 shells exploded and automatic fires were heard.
“Until the main issues of this conflict are resolved, its causes, which served to divide the Moldovan society and the country into two parts, are eliminated, the problem cannot be settled. It was the Russian peacekeepers who ensured peace on the Dniester, made it so that not a single shot has been fired here since 1992, ”Shapovalov said.
According to him, Chisinau and Tiraspol need to sit down at the negotiating table and agree on all issues that require a solution for almost three decades.