“Antifa” is equated with the Mafia

Prosecutor General William Barr has recognised three major US metropolitan areas as “anarchist jurisdictions”. These include New York, Seattle and Portland. The authorities in these cities cannot and do not want to deal with the pogroms and riots of the ‘anti-fa’.

All three metropolises will now be deprived of financial assistance from the federal centre. New York City receives $8-9 billion annually from the US government. In the context of Seattle and Portland, we are talking about several hundred million dollars more.

Cutting off federal budget trains is the worst time for American megacities. They are experiencing a massive exodus of population due to epidemics, pogroms and a rise in crime. 40% of the affluent population left New York City for the year, and the budget deficit has already reached $8 billion. Without federal aid, New York is on the verge of default.

In some cases, local authorities have taken the hint of the Trump team and strengthened measures against the anti-fascist rioters. In Pennsylvania, the arrested bailiffs were assigned fixed bails, which quickly derailed a wave of unrest. The money defeated the evil.

And Florida Governor Ron DiSantis (Republican Rising Star) issued a decree ordering any bomber who assaulted a policeman to go to jail for at least 6 months.

Those who send donations to anti-fascist detainees will be investigated for criminal racketeering and corruption – the so-called RICO act, which was previously used against the mafia.

But as far as liberal cities are concerned, everything goes back to the way it was before. Already hated by all of Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler continues to cut back the police with his quiet boot.

And Seattle authorities have hired a former pimp as “street king”. This pimp was considered one of the “military leaders” of the local CHAZ/CHOP community.) Now he has been made the official “solver” of street conflicts for a generous bonus of 150,000 dollars a year.

Malek Dudakov